Brian Hackner has been an amazing realtor. He is professional, compassionate and really made me feel supported and motivated to sell my home and purchase a new one. It was truly a seamless transition. I highly recommend Brian, he is energized and worked very hard to make it happen. He will not let you down. Kudos to Brian for being so inspiring on many levels.
— B.L.
We work harder for you! | The Hackner Group

We work harder for you!

➔  Communication:
We'll pick up the phone when you call and call you back when we say we’ll call you back.

We will be honest and transparent with you about your situation from the very beginning.

➔  Competence:
Using our knowledge, experience and commitment to serve you as best as we can.

➔  Sellers:
We’ll market your home thoroughly - it will be seen by more Buyers and sell quicker at the right price.

➔  Buyers:
We’ll write your offers quickly and correctly - they will get to Sellers ASAP, without errors.

➔  After the Sale:
We’ll be in close contact to ensure the smoothest transition for you. It’s about “the people” for us!


We’re confident people who know what we’re doing. We push ourselves every day to become our best selves. Believe me when I say we’re who you want in your corner for this process.



We’ll do what we say we’ll do. You won’t have to chase us around. We’ll be in consistent contact with you throughout every step of the process. We won’t be “hot” one day and cold the next. We’ll bring the same amount of energy, enthusiasm and commitment to everyone we work with and every deal we make!

Honesty and Integrity are at the forefront of what makes our team different.

We’ll be totally honest with you about your situation and won’t let you go because of bad news concerning your credit or other factors that may prevent you from qualifying for a loan at this time.

We NEVER say “no”, just not “right now”. If for whatever reason a client isn't ready to buy at this point, our Team will put together a specific plan to get them on track to buy as soon as possible. And we’ll stay in regular contact with you while you’re working to make things happen. 

We’re constantly working on enhancing our Competency, Knowledge and Customer Service.

We put as much focus and intensity as possible into finding the best homes for our clients with the least amount of effort for them. Understanding how big a decision this is for you and the how it will impact your life going forward; my team and I will put you in position to win!

Brian Hackner | Realtor, Bellingham, WA
From beginning to end, Brian basically took care of every transaction in a timeley and professional manner. He took the time to keep me informed of any details and items needing my attention. When certain questions would arise, Brian would personally contact the loan office and work out the details to continue the sales. If problems would arise, he would initiate the solution by calling me or the officer in charge. I would highly recommend Brian to any of my friends or persons needing a reliable person to assist them in real estate.
— snowslake (review on Zillow)